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Nuit De Bakelite

Nuit De Bakelite



Alluring. That's the simplest way to describe Naomi Goodsir's latest masterpiece, Nuit de Bakelite, an otherworldly, intensely green interpretation of tuberose that's anything but simple. Drawing upon tuberose's most narcotic facets, perfumer Isabelle Doyen has crafted a stunningly bright, tantalizingly aromatic scent that ignites the senses and redefines what a floral fragrance can be.


Nuit de Bakelite wastes no time announcing itself, as the very first sniff explodes with a nose-tingling burst of herbaceous angelica and bitter-green galbanum, softened with the earthy smoothness of violet leaf and an exquisite orris that recalls Naomi's equally wonderful Iris Cendre. This spiky-yet-soft dynamic is the perfect showcase for the rich tuberose heart- in Doyen's hands; the "queen of the night" is rich, lush and spicy, evoking a visceral carnality but never tilting too far into heavy, indolic territory. As it dries, a chorus of resinous notes and spiced tobacco draw out a vibrant portrait of floral leather, sensuous and still thrillingly green. We've always known that tuberose was among the most spectacular notes in perfumery, but even we had no idea just how beautifully original it still can seem-- until we experienced Nuit de Bakelite. We strongly suggest you do the same.


Nuit de Bakelite Fragrance Notes

Angelica, violet leaf, galbanum, orris, karo karounde, tuberose, leather, davana, styrax, tobacco, labdanum, gaiac wood

  • Size

    50mL/1.7 fl.oz



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