Modern Urban Sensory Experiences, MUSE, is Harlem's first and only fragrance destination.  Housed in a modern townhouse in Central Harlem, we specialize in exclusive and niche fragrances from global, independent, and emerging brands. 


Our goal is to curate a versatile collection of fragrances that appeal to men and women living, growing, and thriving in urban cities, while simultaneously, focusing on on the intersection of fragrance and individual lifestyle. 


Fragrance shouldn’t solely be about trends, designer labels, mass commodity, or celebrity endorsements. Instead, it should be about a LIFESTYLE- the MUSE lifestyle - which is about inclusion, access, originality, and emotional connections to scent.  

Kimberly Waters is the founder of Modern Urban Sensory Experiences. She may be the first African American woman to start her own independent retail company focused on niche fragrance. 

Since 2010, she's been active in the New York City luxury perfume space working with globally recognized brands and retailers like: ByKilian Luxury Perfumes, COTY, Estée Lauder, and Saks 5th Ave.


Whether she's visiting perfume shops in Paris, attending industry trade-shows in Italy, smelling spices in Morocco, learning the history of fragrance in Grasse, touring patchouli farms in the Seychelles Islands, or networking with other enthusiasts in New York City and abroad, Kimberly makes connecting people with fragrances an integral part of her lifestyle and business.


Based in Harlem, Kimberly is committed to being a reputable and reliable voice in the luxury fragrance industry, while building her company organically and pursuing her passion of converting urban America one fragrance at a time. When she is not working on MUSE, she is balancing a career and doing meaningful work within the Healthcare industry.

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