Modern Urban Sensory Experiences(MUSE) is a highly recognized Perfume Shop in historic Central Harlem. 


Founded by Kimberly Waters and based out of a modern townhouse, MUSE curates an exclusive collection of niche, indie, and luxury fragrances for individuals living and thriving in NYC and beyond. 


We take the art of fragrance shopping and discovery very seriously and strive to make your experience as personal, engaging, and memorable as possible. Whether you're looking for something unique, casual, complimentary, or   signature scent worthy, let MUSE guide you to your next scented connection. 


Founded by Kimberly Waters, Modern Urban Sensory Experiences (MUSE) is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional fragrance products, experiences & services. As a leading Perfume Shop and the only one of its kind in Harlem NY, our team of highly qualified professionals are here to serve as your go-to experts for all your fragrance related needs.


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