Versatile, complex, rich, and super creative, these highly concentrated perfume extraits by Nasomatto are for men and women who prefer to standout amongst the crowd, while simultaneously exploring their own layered personalities through scent. Alessandro Gualtieri is a perfume 'genius' and every creation is a reflection of his artistic and creative vision. 



Inspired by Brazilian actress, Giovanna Antonelli, these fragrances are classy, full of personality, and divinely feminine. Designed and made in France, each scent caresses the nose, while speaking to the core of a woman's sensuality, complexity, and authenticity. I truly love seeing my client’s reactions after they spritz a little on their skin.



As a lover of Vetiver, I’m always searching for a scent that captures its earthiness just right and Marie Jeanne has done it, simplistically.



Italy holds a special place in my heart. My first visit was to Florence to attend a fragrance trade-show followed by subsequent trips to Milan, Lake Como, and most recently, Sicily. Sicily is a different vibe from northern Italy. It's simple, earthy, and mystic. It gives me great pleasure to offer Via Dei Mille, a Sicilian brand, with a quality, richness, and vibe that is inherent in Italian culture, art, and style. Minimalistic but don’t let that fool you, each scent is charming and true to its name.



‘No Matter What’ was my first encounter with Liaisons de Parfum many moons ago. I remember reading the inscribed words on the back of the bottle and feeling empowered and nostalgic at the same time. Simple, yet beautifully designed and captivating, these fragrances can be worn daily or anytime you need to feel empowered,  fierce, or inspired.




Maya Njie Perfumes was founded in 2016. A niche perfume brand, based in London, with a clear focus on high quality artisanal blends. Her scents are deeply rooted in her Swedish and West African heritage. Each scent has a correlating image from a family album that connects to a childhood memory. MUSE is delighted to have been the 1st US retailer to believe in the collection and bring it stateside for others to experience it.