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Timeless Vibes: A Musical and Fragrant Journey with Zernell Gillie's Collection

Robin S, Show Me Love, was my jam!

Even after three decades, the resonance of this 1993 dance song remains one of my favorites dance songs. I was 12 yrs old when it was released. I found the beat, lyrics, and energy truly exhilarating. I may not have known fully what the lyrics were about but I knew I danced and hollered ( tried to sing) every time I heard it. 🤣

The mention of dance music immediately conjures images of HOUSE-TECHNO-DISCO—genres that ignite movement and groove, either leading to a dance-induced sweat or triggering nostalgia for a time when self-expression was boundless.

Zernell Gillie, a Chicago native inspired by the 80s music scene, discovered solace in House music, nurturing a dream of becoming a DJ. Fusing his childhood passion for fragrances with his love for music, Zernell curated his eponymous collection, drawing from the very genres that shaped him—HIP-HOP, HOUSE, TECHNO, and DISCO. This unisex collection serves as a testament to a lifelong dedication to the seamless integration of music and fragrance. When Zernell is not DJ'ing around the world, creating his next fragrance, or traveling with his wife, he is living comfortably in LA with his family and building a solid legacy for the next generation.

Having showcased the collection to clients in recent weeks, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive, prompting a growing waitlist, especially for HOUSE, set to hit retailers in mid-March. This collection is perfect for those who relish social and stylish nights out, dancers in the club, or folks who like simply like their fragrances to speak for them.

Although iconic venues like Studio 54 (NYC), THE WAREHOUSE (Chicago), or the Tunnel (NYC) may be in the past, this collection enables you to relive those moments or create new memories. Whatever your preferred music genre, Zernell Gillie has the a scent to option for your night out.

We're excited to introduce this collection for a limited time.

The first 5 people to comment or respond with their favorite music genre (song, artist etc...) on this post will receive a complimentary sample of their choice.

Flashback to Robin S. "Show Me Love"

To experience this collection and others, visit MUSE.

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erica h
erica h
Mar 06

Gen Xer here so you know 90s rnb/hip hop is my go to.

Replying to

I’m right with you!! Hey there btw!! 🥰🥰 it’s been a long time!


Pop Rock from the 90's (Oasis and Green day)!

Replying to

Very cool!! The music from the 90’s is timeless. Thanks for commenting! Look for samples soon:)

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