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Harlem Brownstones

Modern Urban Sensory Experiences 


Hidden Gem


for niche, luxury, and global fragrances. 

About MUSE

Recognized by the New York Times as one of the sought out beauty destinations the world, Modern Urban Sensory Experiences, MUSE is all about the adventurous journey into the world of fragrance. We offer online and local retail access to a curated selection of globally and thoughtfully sourced brands.

Our passion lies in creating access, educating, and cultivating an inclusive environment for individuals who want to take their scent profiles to the next level,
novices discovering niche and artistic fragrances for the first time, or folks who simply appreciate originality.

We focus on imparting knowledge, fostering engagement, and cultivating exceptional taste in fragrance. 

The MUSE difference 

  • We're an exclusive urban retreat for lovers and enthusiasts of niche fragrances, offering a haven for those seeking the extraordinary.

  •  Since 2017, we have been committed to refining and redefining the fragrance experience and curating scents that resonate with individuality.

  • Nestled within a modern townhouse, MUSE provides a unique backdrop that enhances your journey into the world of perfumery.

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 Lidia V, Queens NY

We had an amazing time At muse . The place is so calm and good vibes , Kimberly is so welcoming, friendly and has all the answers for your question when in comes to fragrance. She help me find out more About what kind of fragrance more matches with my personality and what I like . The whole experience was awesome . I super recommend it .

MUSE's founder

About Kimberly

Owner and Creative Director

Kimberly Waters, the founder and owner of Modern Urban Sensory Experiences, or MUSE, embodies the essence of a muse—a source of artistic inspiration, but with a unique focus on fragrances. Her journey into the world of scents began in 2013 when she initiated a blog, "Reminiscent, A Women’s Blog on Perfume and Beauty,"  documenting her travels, discoveries, and olfactory experiences in New York City and beyond.

She deepened her fragrance expertise through a freelance role at COTY, mastering the art of selling fine fragrances in department stores and understanding consumer behaviors. Her personal quest for scents aligned with her lifestyle led her to freelance opportunity with ByKilian, luxury French perfume house located in NYC. This pivotal experience ignited her vision for new possibilities and laid the early foundation for MUSE.

In 2017 Kimberly founded MUSE on the parlor floor of a friend’s brownstone on Convent Ave in Harlem. What started out as a humble beginning, has evolved tremendously. Today, MUSE has been featured in numerous media outlets, partnered with global brands, and has become a sought-after fragrance destination for emerging brands, especially, those seeking to enter the US market or establish themselves in diverse communities.

Over a decade later, Kimberly continues to get excited about introducing her community to hard-to-find fragrances and cultivating an inclusive olfactory culture that inspires and ignites curiosities.  

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